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Mesobotox as an alternative Mesobotox - is a harmonious combination of two popular cosmetology methods - Mesotherapy and Botox.


Fillers are dermal fillers based on hyaluronic acid (and other biocompatible materials) that are injected into the skin.

Face Mesotherapy

Face mesotherapy are injections that are made with a very thin needle (0.3 mm in diameter), injected intradermally, superficially, to a depth of 1-2 mm. At the same time the skin is saturated with various medicinal substances, vitamins, microelements or homeopathic remedies.


Biorevitalization - an effective and painless revitalisation of the skin. Biorevitalization is an injection method of moisturising and rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, hands and décolleté area.


This acid is a polypeptide that is part of all body tissues, but with age, the body begins to experience its deficiency, which primarily affects the skin - it begins to age. Bioreparation solves this problem.

3D Mesothreads

Mesothreads stop the time. The rapid and effective development of aesthetic medicine has helped to create many modern methods to fight unpleasant skin age changes.


Plasma-lifting is an innovative therapeutic and rejuvenating injection procedure that involves the subcutaneous injection of a platelet-enriched plasma of the patient's own blood. Platelets are known to contain growth factors that correspond not only to blood clotting...


A new method in cosmetology, combining the features of NAPPAGE in classical mesotherapy and the opportunities of micro needle therapy. The method is based on partial fractional skin damage at a specific depth to restore the collagen skeleton of the skin.

Intimate Plastics

There are a number of conditions that do not pose a direct threat to a woman's health, but literally poison her life. These conditions are aesthetic imperfections in the intimate area.

Anti-cellulite injections

Ozontherapy, mesotherapy, thalassotherapy can help to get rid of cellulite...