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Radio Frequency Lifting - rejuvenation without surgery and rehabilitation

LED Therapy

LED-therapy is a non-surgical method of skin rejuvenation, using UV lamps with various colour filters. Any time, any woman, no matter of the age, wants to look attractive and charming, with fresh skin colour.


Microdermabrasion - soft skin resurfacing Microdermabrasion is the gentlest mechanical method of removing dead skin cells. The results of hardware grinding are not inferior, and in some cases surpass chemical peeling.


Pressotherapy (or hardware lymph drainage massage, compression massage, pneumomassage) is a painless procedure that eliminates the stasis of lymph in certain areas of the human lymphatic system.


Darsonval is an apparatus that affects the body with weak currents. The method was invented by the French physiologist Darsonval. It was successfully used in medicine, and recently it became popular in cosmetology due to its properties of blood vessel expansion, pain relief, moxibustion, regeneration, etc.


OXYjet Leo de Luxe is a compact multifunctional cosmetology unit for oxygen therapy. This device allows you to solve a really huge range of skin and face problems. This method is painless and gentle, there are no injections, side effects and health risks.

Endospheres therapy

Endospheres therapy is a painless and comfortable procedure. The aesthetic effects of the therapy in the form of an improvement in the skin texture are noticeable after the first session